What is being truly happy?

Being Happy

Going by the dictionary or wikipedia, happiness is always described as a feeling of pleasure, content, positivity, or maybe it is a feeling when someone feels good, excited, relieved, satisfied about something. But what is being truly happy?

There could be guides to give you a 10 step pointer list to do something in particular or to set up something of relevance. There are also many lists that help you in finding happiness. Do these lists actually work? Can you follow 5-10 points and check if you are happy or not?

Asking again, what is being truly happy? How would you know you are happy? Will you be able to be happy whenever you want? Is there a reason to be happy? Is there a time to be happy?

If you ask me, Happiness needs being present in the moment with whatever you are doing. Enjoying your meal without any disturbance of watching tv, news in the background, answering your texts or emails, or having serious discussions. When you are able to be with your food as you savor it every bit, you will truly be happy. Even in case you don’t like that meal, being present in the moment and observing what you didn’t like about it, maybe tweaking it a bit as you like it or even keeping it aside so as to pick up something else you’d like eating, will give you a chance to be happy in that moment. But for something as simple as this to be done, you need to know how to switch off from everything else and indulge absolutely in having your meal without any disturbance.

Meal is just a small part of the day. But, the magic of being in the present is something that needs to be tried out in every aspect possible. Are you talking to your child? Keep the phone away, mute/pause the tv or music, check your emails later, cut your vegetables after you finish talking to your child. See the difference of how your bond would be by doing all this.

When you meet a friend, be with them, not with your phone. News can wait. Forward messages can wait. But, relationships need that moment to be nurtured. We live with people with emotions all around, but tend to function with emotionless objects as our priority. Isn’t this a mismatch? And Whenever there is a mismatch, there would be friction, there would be confusion, there would be arguments.

Imagine a situation where everyone is very happy and celebrating something very big. If you are not in the right frame of mind, you will not be able to participate in that happiness around you. Whereas, however the environment around you is, if you can find a reason to be happy, you will be.

So, happiness is not in what we do. Happiness lies in how we do anything that we do. Focus on being happy in everything you do, because happiness is not a destination. It is a state of mind.

Being truly happy is finding your flow in anything that you do. It is finding your ground in any aspect you pick up. Work on the ‘How’ of anything that you do and see the magic of happiness around you at all times!


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