Finding your Joy


When I say I am a Joypreneur, I am often asked how I came about that name. I see a lot of curiosity where people claim they have searched the dictionaries and Google to find what the word means. This is then followed up with some genuine surprise as to how I could coin something and use it so widely. My only answer has been – Why Not? 

The core purpose of nurturing an enterprise has been labelled in a single word as an Entrepreneur. Then, what should my purpose of nurturing one’s true joy be called? Joypreneur of course! And here I am, trying my bit to help people peel off their layers of self acquired perceptions and self imposed judgements.

Life is a journey they say. But journey of what? As much as we might talk of the success, name, fame and money that we might want to make, at the end of the day, it is more about how we feel and how we make others feel around us. Like it or not, accept it or not, this happens to be the ultimate truth. Maybe, that is why they also say, people might not remember what you gave them, but will surely remember how you made them feel. 

It is always the unseen part that actually makes the difference in anything. If it is the brains that we all have, it is the mind that we hold that makes us unique. If it is the hands and legs as a general physiology, it is the skill and stamina that differs. We all see, but, the vision we perceive is what makes us who we are. The most interesting part is, none of these factors that are actually making a difference can be seen or measured. It is what it is. 

As much as we cannot measure and label the softer aspects of all these, with our potential, we can learn them. As human beings, we are at the highest level of evolution. We observe, we learn and we practice when we want to do something. These skills can also be acquired. If someone can do it, everyone else can do it, provided they understand how it is done and put in similar intention, efforts and consistency. 

This is where as a Joypreneur, I would like to work, to let people understand the difference between the actual reality and our perceived reality. Our beliefs, values, thoughts and fears create our perceptions of anything and anyone. Holding on to these perceptions, we tend to miss out on the actual beauty and possibility of every moment. Peeling off our layers of perceptions require an awareness level that open up our own inhibitions. Awareness is the only aspect that can lead us to acceptance of things and people as they are, leading to accepting ourselves as we are. 

Understanding that we are products of our past is one of the major acceptance that we can ever do. Wounds that leave an undeniable mark in our thoughts and behaviors actually form the base of how we function. Accepting as a dimension opens up our willingness to understand why we are the way we are and where we are. With acceptance comes in responsibility to our own selves. With this responsibility comes in healing. Healing of our own past, of our thoughts, fears and apprehensions. 

Healing leads us to see things as they are. The whole world and everyone around us will start to seem different to how we saw them earlier. Not because there is a change in any of them, but because there is a change in our perception. The same world will seem to be readjusting to us. It is at this point that we would have found our true joy, because, now we know what to want and how to want. We will know how to handle anything objectively. 

This journey through our layers of perceptions and misconceptions to finding our true joy is one of the most beautiful and purposeful one. It is through this journey that we would like you to navigate to embrace joyful living. 

We have experienced this joy and we wish to each one of you! 


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