4 principles of self love


What is self-love and what does it mean? It is the self-esteem, on how you feel, think, and treat yourself.

We were taught that love and attention were given when we did good at the exams, how we looked or felt, and many more. Self-love was lost in the process of looking for validation. Let us try to understand the few principles of self-love.

4 principles of self-love:

These tips will flourish as the unique and confident human being you are meant to be.


Appreciate for who you are, what you are capable and what do you believe in. Don’t hide your good points, start appreciating them. Start appreciating yourself so others will appreciate you too. Let your guard down, and appreciate compliments. You deserve them as you are unique your way.


Acceptance is one of the most important principles when it comes to self-love. Comparisons and expectations, let them go and accept who you are. What others think about you, is none of your business. Embrace who you are, accept your imperfections, and things you cannot change. Stop pondering, complaining, and mourning about something that cannot be changed.

Kindness to yourself

Don’t let the trials and tribulations define you. Start to spend time with yourself, and be kind to yourself. Reframe your self-talk with positivity. Be surrounded by people who bring you up and keep you happy.

Daily gratitude

Be grateful for the good things happening. Try maintaining a journal, write down what you are grateful for on daily basis, at least one. Try writing out everything that kept you going today with grace.


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