Searching means Trying till you Find


Have you ever tried searching for something in the house and gave up as you couldn’t find it anywhere, and unexpectedly come across the same thing at a later point? This is a very common phenomena that we all go through. If the thing was around, why didn’t you find it when you searched, and how did it appear when you were not specifically looking for it? 

This is where the aspect of being present while searching comes in. Being present with your awareness, which is not blinded by anxiety or stress due to different expectations and fear of failure. 

As we tend to search for something, be it a thing, a job, a relationship or any aspect as such, we tend to feel anxious if we will find what we want or not. There is a want to find it fast, the restlessness to know where it is. There is also a sense of fear, with a thought of what if you don’t find what you want. A rush of emotions are at work, where failure seems a major outcome. Our vision gets overridden by these flux of thoughts because of which we tend to miss things that are around us.  

As they say, to see clearly in a pond, the water also needs to be still. Any disturbance creates so many ripples that there is no clear vision of what is in the water. Our mind also works the same way. The calmer it is, the more chances to find what it needs. There is a serenity in the calmness where one can see clearly and appreciate what is around. Disturbances in our thoughts, feelings, in our being, make it difficult to focus, observe and celebrate whatever we have too. 

Talking about searching for bigger things in life follows the same principle too. Take a step back to understand what you want, why you want it and how would you feel when you have it. Is it a job/career that you are looking for? Take a moment to see within you, why you’d need this job, how would you feel when you get it, what exactly is needed from you to get that role? Once you stay calm and start ticking off every such question, it will bring you closer to the chances of getting the role you always wanted, because, by consciously thinking about every aspect, you are preparing for it bit by bit. 

Sometimes, we eternally search for a perfect relationship in our lives. Think deep within about it first – why do you want this relationship, how would it define you if you had it, what difference would it bring in to you, how would you feel when you have it? This pause gives you a perspective to think what you truly want. It might also help in filtering out what you don’t want in the first place. 

The other side of the coin to this whole aspect is, sustaining what you get after searching so long for it. Think on what would it take to keep it in tact. Are you willing to give it all that is needed to nurture it further? How can you make it so much a part of your being that you completely own it gracefully? As much as you get to a deeper conversation with yourself, you will be able to understand what you really need and how you can get it. 

The journey of all this is so deep and far that it does get tiresome, lonely, doubtful, disappointing too sometimes. If your want can surpass all these along the path, there is a good chance that you will find what you truly desire. For they say, you can even find divinity if you actually know how to search for it! 


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