Testing times need a New You

Testing times need a New You
Testing times need a New You

Whoever has ever said that tough times don’t last but tough people do is more than relevant in current times. It is such tough times that force us to find a way to survive – and how well would we adapt. No one ever imagined that we would ever see a day where we are forced to stay put in our homes. But we did survive a year of lockdown and other restrictions. Something that seemed unimaginable, passed too. 


Every impending danger gives way to a possibility of unforeseen strength and grit in those facing the challenge. Starting from a deer trying to escape a lion with all its might to a corporate professional constantly reinventing oneself to perform the best and outsmart the others, it is a story of everyone’s survival. Landing in deep waters does let us discover the need and strength to find a shore. It is at that point, where we find a new self, which will be at a higher level of understanding, maturity and performance. It is a story of everyone’s evolution. 


Current times have brought together the entire human kind against the deadly virus. This is a reiteration of the fact that we can all think and function like one community. We choose to fight over our differences sometimes, yet, make every effort to work as one unit if need be. The fast-paced life and busy times have almost come to a halt. No one is left out in the race, ‘coz the race itself is paused for now. 


This is the time to revisit the forgotten sensibilities, to relive some tucked away moments, to revive our faith in emotions and to refresh our priorities to focus more on the simple yet the most precious aspects of our lives. 


There are millions who are losing jobs, homes and loved ones. Compared to the pain and hurt they are forced to go through, there are millions more who can acknowledge being blessed to having kept that job, business running and having all the loved one’s around. 


What can we do to make the best of this time when we are to just move out of the way and stay to ourselves? Could we – 

1. Connect

Don’t be so absorbed with “Work from home”. If need be, schedule a fun zoom or Whatsapp Group call with all the extended family. Catch up on all the lost times and PJ’s (Phaltu Jokes). All that people are now looking for is the little reassurance that this too, shall pass. A Simple how are you doing Grandma or Pa or Ma can light up their day.

2. Look within

We are bombarded with content that can keep us busy for a lifetime. But, this is the most apt time to try and look within. Evaluate how far we have come, be grateful for what we’ve achieved and plan ahead for where and how we want to move next. 

3. Re-discover hobbies

Be it art, music or research, use this time to pull out all those stacked away interests. Learn a new hobby. The internet is the best source of learning today. 

4. Binge watch

Watch a marathon of nonsensical movies with your family and laugh about it. Watch those dusty family event videos and remember the funny moments only you and your cousins or family know about. 

5. Help others

Not everyone is as fortunate. People are looking out for food, medicines, shelter and just a loving word. Do your bit to help those who will have it as a blessing. Provide for your working help, gather resources to be donated. Show them we are all one. 


The world can manage to have some more love and care. We are the one’s capable of giving it out in abundance. This is not a material resource that would deplete as you share. This is our energy, our care and our efforts that can only replenish in bounds as much as we spend. Experience the joy in giving and vow to break the chain, by staying in and staying safe! 


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