Build A Passion, Not A Proof


The world is a beautiful place as there are different people with different mindsets, different skillsets, different beliefs adding up to the variety around us. Every person has a place of his/her own as their being is truly their own. No one can substitute or replace the existence of any individual. Why then, is there a constant anxiety to prove one’s worth?

Our systems are deep rooted in creating copies of someone else to be acknowledged or appreciated. When someone trying something new is seen, ridiculing is the first reaction, discouraging becomes the norm of caution, abnormal is the chosen nomenclature to clearly demark the boundaries of existence. This, has been a norm in all cultures, all societies during all the timelines of evolution starting from Socrates, Edison, Einstein to a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or even to a child from a local community who doesn’t fit the definition of routine/normal.

As much as the larger community tried to shun these bright minds, they chose to shine on their own. They showed that their minds are bright, not because they are any different, but because, they chose their passion over the need to prove the same. They relied only in their quest, but not in providing an explanation or a justification to why they thought or believed in a certain way. They had nothing to lose, as they never identified with the larger acceptance. They never ceased to fire their quest in fear of not being awarded otherwise. That was their brilliance.

Having a passion is great. Not needing to prove it, is divine. When you are driven by your passion, your environment doesn’t affect you. You will not be bothered on who is aware of your work or not, of who acknowledges it or not, of who appreciates it or not. All of this blur out in oblivion when compared to the magnanimity of what you have set out to do. Be it about building a rocket or just simply cleaning your home. You will be so lost in the beauty of doing what you truly want or love, that it fulfills your soul from within. Pure passion oozes calmness and it is visible without an iota of effort.

Every time you focus on showing what you believe or do, you are moving an inch away from your true being. Imagine working only to show what you are doing, but not for the pure joy of the task, you wouldn’t have even scraped a bit of who you truly are! It is in this area where anxiety, tension, stress, judgement, expectation precede your very existence. Every action will just remain an act. An act to prove others wrong or an act to prove yourself right. An act to shun your subordinates or an act to please your superiors. An act which might even fade the line between right and wrong, true or false, acceptable or not. This shall reduce you even further, if not to the world immediately, to yourself every time. Every such belittling will fuel your need to prove that you are great.

This is precisely the reason why people with a passion and purpose are always calm. It is only those wannabe’s who complain, stress out, because, they don’t know how to pave their own path and brave their way out under any circumstances.

Take a moment, think for yourself, do you build on your passion or on the need to prove a point to someone? How far or how well can you hold what you truly want? Is it entirely necessary, maybe not. But will people with passion make the world a better place? Of course YES!


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