What is a Joypreneur?


This is one question that I always get. What is a Joypreneur? Is it just a fancy word? Is it just to confuse people more with jargons? All that I do is just Smile, and say, it is just how I like to be remembered as!

Tell me, what is it that you truly want in life? Make a good career? Have a pleasant family, have fulfilling relationships? Find your purpose and work towards your goal? To give back to the society? To make a name for yourself, to be successful? To be rich, famous, healthy, peaceful? Whatever it maybe, why do you truly want to do any of it? What will you get by accomplishing any of it?

Whatever we do, we do it to find our joy, our happiness, our peace. Each one of us have a different definition for what brings us true joy. We feel reaching our goals will make us happy. This is the illusion we are all fed from a younger age, because, the society at large lives in the same illusion. I call this illusion because, everytime you reach a certain goal, the happiness that you feel becomes temporary. Sometimes it could be for a few moments, for a few days, or for a few years. But, right after that, there is a new goal that we set. Or, we tend to find a sense of complacency if we don’t re-invent ourselves even after reaching our goals.

The secret to true joy is not in reaching the goals or achieving the dreams, but in the process of working towards them. Trying, failing, making mistakes, learning from them, making another attempt because you don’t want to give up on yourself, is what makes the whole thing beautiful. The joy that you might feel at the end of it all is not just the joy of achieving what you wanted, but the pure bliss of re-living all that you went through to reach there. That’s what makes it magical.

Sometimes, we fear to take that step, be confused about the choices to make, not know which direction to look into when we are facing those difficult situations in life. We tend to have a clarity when we are looking at someone else’s issues, but lose our objectivity in our own situations. This happens because, our emotions come into play when we are dealing with something very difficult or critical. This is absolutely normal, as we are emotional beings. Whatever logic we might have blurs out when we get emotional.

This is where a Life Curator, a coach helps you to make a better, informed and resourceful choice. The coach might be able to see the patterns in which we are thinking, our behavior and the general way of our functioning, giving them an objective understanding of how and why we might face few blocks in our life. Having an external expertise will always help in overcoming those blocks, which might go unnoticed otherwise.

We can only guide in what we have already experienced and live by. As a Joypreneur, I believe in helping you make your journey towards whatever you wish more worthwhile. Navigating you towards enjoying the journey, making the right choices and letting go of fears or blocks along the way is my way of finding my Joy too!


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