Day 3: Nature Vs Nurture


As the day began and we all settled in warming up for the whole new session, our discussion of the previous day’s lecture was more engaging. Andrew spoke of the lamps that are always lit during the class, signifying it as a miniature version of the Sun. The light that brings in warmth and positivity by standing bright even in darkness.

With such a diverse group from so many countries and cultures, everyone believed in communication, compassion and looking after one another. Am sure, everyone would go back with a whole new bunch of friends all over the world!

As Andrew explained that Parampara doesn’t mean alienating anyone, but dealing with everyone with respect to their differences, by giving them space and acknowledging their path of karma. What matters is, what is Yoga doing to you? How is it helping you deal with your ego? How is it helping you change your nature, as you nurture your way through? Quoting Andrew, “If not for Yoga, I would be in a place where I was born, doing what my father did”.

This left me thinking deep for a while. Isn’t it true to a lot of us? Haven’t we struggled to surpass what we were told to do, to go out there and dare to dream and work towards what we want to do? Many of our parents did not know how to answer our curious questions. But we didn’t stop. We made an effort in our own little ways to find ground and to stand strong. Isn’t it enough proof that what is considered to be your destiny can be changed with your intention? Nature can be altered if you nurture!

Meeting Dr.G G Gangadhar in the evening was the re-iteration of the same fact. Having been the pioneer of integrative medicine, being a scholar and practitioner of Ayurveda, Dr.Gangadhar joined us all the way from Bengaluru just to spend time this evening with us. I guess, most of my doubts in understanding our traditional home recipes, home remedies and age old beliefs got their answers. I am sure it did help others too in understanding and appreciating our Indian ways of doing things much deeper.

Dr.Gangadhar was a knowledge bank! Starting from the basics of Ayurveda to the compositions and structures and functions of our body types, everything was discussed and explained so patiently. I just wondered, why I didn’t listen to my grandmom more! 😉 And the ultimate law of Ayurveda, that human being is an extension of the environment was practically elucidated.

It was such a coincidence that as we started the day understanding about the significance about light, I could end the day among thousands of lights! 🙂

Mysore is famous for its Palace that is regally decorated during Dusshera. Though I have been to Mysore many times, it was never during the festivities and I always felt I missed seeing the beauty all lit up. So, today, was my chance! I had no clue that the palace is lit up every Sunday evening. And once I got to know this, on my way back to my hotel, I made a stop over at the palace to witness the beauty. And, what a sight it was!

A gentleman with a DSLR hanging around and trying to take as many clicks possible seemed to be the right source for me to get a click of mine with the palace too J And am sure he did a wonderful job, by giving me the crown of glory with a twist!


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