Day 2: Heart does have a reason!


As we stepped into day 2, I ensured I give some more homework to my self. So, I walked up all the way for an hour to reach the venue. I felt I had to compensate in some way to be able to lap up a bit more than what I can usually do! Ofcourse the city looks different from within a car and walking out in the open so early in the morning! Loved being aware of all things around.

As I walked around and realized that Google Maps is much more reasonable for taking me through shortest distance route, I had to pass through some narrow lanes which I would have missed otherwise. The homeless sleeping on pavements with his loyal friends around, and still having such a deep sleep.

I passed through vendors getting ready for their business of the day, setting up stalls, preparing for the food to be served at breakfast, people waiting for buses to take them to schools and work, people staring at me as I tugged around with my long jute satchel staring at all of this. Infact, also saw a cow that is bound to be admired for the art made on it.

As I reached the venue, I saw some of them already there in deep meditation and in preparation for the day’s practice. I settled down quickly and started with the preparatory sequence to help me for the day too. Was surprised when Bryne and Andrew did tell me that I was better than yesterday! I was happy I was Learning! 🙂

As we discussed the previous day’s lecture, Andrew happened to mention that Heart does have its own reasons, that even reason doesn’t understand. So true! There are so many things that we end up doing, which we might know with all our logic, that it is not right, but feels like never more right before! There must be some reason for it.

As we explored Philosophy this evening, we had Dr.Alwar talk about the roots of yoga as shared by Patanjali and other sages. We discussed the reasons why yoga is given the importance that it deserves, and why does it deserve so. My logical mind felt so satiated as I am someone who has always been in search of a WHY!

Somehow felt I had an answer to what the thing we call soul is, and how Chitta, is the seat of the soul within our heart area. Logically thinking too, isn’t it where we all point to while speaking of ‘I’? Whoever it is, in whichever language, culture, nation, young, old, educated, uneducated, however asked, while saying ‘I’, do point to the heart center. It must be for the same reason, that it is the place where our SOUL, the essence of being our SELF is located!

And as Dr.Alwar shared, there is no yoga for a heavy eater or there is no yoga for under eater, there is no yoga for a heavy sleeper or a right sleeper, there is no yoga for someone who does heavy activity or for someone who doesn’t do anything at all. Yoga is for the balanced. It is for anyone who can strive to find that balance. To all those souls who strive to find their balance, the nature does bow down to the intention! 🙂


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