All through my life I saw ‘Teachers’ as a mandatory lot of boring people who taught in schools and colleges where one wouldn’t want to spend another day at that time. Though we reminisce the good old gone days of the student life now, I am sure we all just wanted to get out of that life then and step into this big world. As said, the grass has eternally been greener on the other side!

As a child, we are introduced only to the faculty of schools and colleges as teachers – as those from whom we are supposed to learn, those to whom we are supposed to show utmost respect, those who would rate our learning for whatever we are. Coming to think, I am just wondering if the word ‘TEACHER’ is actually understood in the true essence of it.

Isn’t there a ‘TEACHER’ in every person that we come across in life? Every single person, who is a channel through which we form our thoughts, opinions – in turn leaving an impact on our personalities is a ‘TRUE TEACHER’. Isn’t there a ‘TEACHER’ in our own self – the one who speaks from within? Isn’t there something that we learn from our Nature – the ‘TEACHER’ in all senses? The bird that sings in the spring, the river that flows surpassing every stone on the way, the abundance of the sky and the stars in darkness – everything and much more!

Every moment is a true learning phase – for the one who is open to learning. Every facet of life is a learning ground. Every aspect of the Universe is a medium of learning. Learning – is the actual purpose of our being!

Bow down to theĀ ‘TEACHER’ – all those people, experiences, thoughts, world, Universe, Nature and most importantly, to the SOUL within yourself – for being open to learning is what is making the ‘TEACHER’ possible!

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