I thank each one of my parents, students and participants for being a part of my workshops. We are all in this learning together. Here is what some of them say…


I am deeply grateful to Padmaja and I-Edge for this initiative. It will help children in a big way in every aspect of their lives. She has been empathising, patient and caring. She observes and paces the course according to child’s capabilities. – Ms.Annapurna


This trainer is truly excellent – Dr.Manjula Bhanoori


She is a very good speaker. Keep it up! – Ms.Mamata Sawakar


Keep it up. Continuation of the series would be appreciative. Thankyou Ms.Padmaja for your time and effort – Ms.Aanchal Gupta


I think I need to have many more sessions with you as a person (not just as a parent) – Ms.Shrini


It was an excellent session where I got lot of answers to my own questions. – Mr.Hitesh T Shah


This session was an eye opener. Thank you and we would love to attend more of such sessions – Ms.Sabita Reddy


This was one of the better/best workshops I have attended, and I attend a lot in corporate world. The real connection was it did touch the feelings and emotions. Great Job Padmaja – Mr.Mukesh Madnani


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