The eternal dichotomy

Body - Soul

The never-ending discussion of the body and soul!! The two have eternally been in a dichotomy, with each defining the other, but still not finding the perfect consensus! If the Soul needs the Body to exist in this world, why does the Body set so many limitations to itself? If the Body needs a Soul to be alive, why cant it drift all over as how the Soul would want to be – free spirited?? Can we recognize a Soul without a Body? Does a Body without a Soul even exist?

That is where the alignment seems to be the answer! The purpose of this life is to align the two – not with the supremacy of one over the other, but the actual essence of how the two are perfect partners to experience all the dimensions of this journey, called LIFE!

Was watching a video the other day, where Sadhguru rightly put it bang on! The Body belongs to the earth. It is where it has come from, and that is where it will finally go back to. Even during the journey, at any given instance, the Body wants to get back to its place – that is why one’s body always pulls one down – tiredness, laziness, rest – be it any, the Body just wants to lay down!¬†Whereas, the Soul belongs to the eternal. It wants to move high up and merge with the unlimited.

Finding the balance between the two is what we are living through! Aligning them with each other is where we will find OURSELVES!

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