What is ‘Responsibility’?

Someone just shared with me that, he has never been ‘responsible’ and that ‘responsibility’ is something that he and his family don’t understand about. He has been living on his own for quite sometime and is driven by his quest to find himself. I was amazed at his clarity of awareness and acceptance. He feels, he is now ready to start having ‘responsibility’, but doesn’t know how to go about it!

My immediate answer was – “Find something to be responsible for!”

He responded by saying – “But, that is looking outwards for an answer! I want to look for it within.”

I simply said – “Yes. But, that external something is going to be your ‘stimulus’. You need to have something to stimulate your internal being to find an answer.”

We all need a stimulus to respond to. We all need something to react to. And, that is what life is all about! It is what you choose to respond/react to and how, is what makes your life!

Even ‘responsibility’, is nothing but your ‘ability’ to ‘respond’ in a way you choose to! 🙂

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