The Moment

Offlate, I have been wondering what this astrology is all about! As much as I understand, I feel it is the truest and purest form of science – if universe is to be believed as an energy field. Ofcourse it depends on how and by who it is being interpreted.

Of most, I had been wondering how or why a person is born at a particular moment. If it was all by design, who is making it happen?

And it suddenly all made sense! The life, past karmas, path ahead, the time of birth – which again determines the life time ahead, are all connected!

Let me explain…

Even though water is heated up gradually, it is only at that ‘one moment’ that it turns into steam. Even while condensing, it is that ‘one moment’ that makes the difference. Each droplet goes through that ‘one moment’ of transformation for it to change states.

In the same way, it is only at that ‘one moment’, which is a result of a series of events – be it our past karmas, our purpose, intention, consciousness or the will, they all get materialized into a brand ‘new life’!

This ‘new life’ is already a result of a series of inter-connected paths, purpose, intention and will. It is only because of the past, that the life is being manifested. That itself paves a way for a particular time to be born, and hence, continues the journey ahead!

We are – what we think we are!

Nothing is absolute in this life or in this world. It is all just a constant flow of energy field.

Again – Life is our response to the stimulus from around.

Choose to respond. Not react!



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