Should we ‘Promise’?

‘Promise’ is nothing but a re-enforcement of a thought or a task that you want to do. It simply means that you now want to adapt a new variation in your being.┬áThe word could be used to signify commitment or even a fear to stick to something, that you might otherwise resist.

These things happen only because ‘Promise’ is not in our nature. If it was, and we were in sync with our desires or being, the flow will be natural. There is no need to use the word ‘Promise’ as a watchdog. Only when it becomes a watchdog, does one want to break it. And, when it is not in sync with your being, then the urge to break it or not comply to it will be strong.

Rather, use the word – “I choose to…”

This shows that you are aware of the situation and your consciousness. When you choose to do something out of your choice and do not label it as a compulsion, it will naturally flow into your being. There will not be any resistance to that flow. Even if there is, it is better to accept and be aware of that resistance. Only when we are aware of our blocks, we can overcome them.

So, let us ‘choose’ rather than ‘promise’!

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