Can you teach life-skills?

Why should someone go through learning life-skills? You are at this understanding as a result of your experiences. How can you teach experience? Are you not spoiling it for them?

We all learn physics and chemistry from school. Are we literally building bridges and making potions? Are we making rockets?

Education is for awareness.

With life-skills, it is just the awareness that is being created. What one does at the moment, is again, a choice.

I might tell you that there would be a stone in the path, with  my experience, and you might be aware of the stone. If your path is of to trip over the stone and then know it, so will it be. But, if your path is blessed, you will be aware of the stone and pass by it.

Education gives awareness. Not experience. Experience gives wisdom. With this awareness, there is a chance for you to make your’s an experience filled with awareness.





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