Can you expand time?

There used to be days when time passed by in a jiffy. I would be working non-stop and still  have pending tasks by the end of the day.  I have not been a person who is lazy in terms of work to have so much unfinished work for a day. All this, despite of using all the tricks – planners, alarms, reminders and even staying alert through out!

I used to be all charged up and excited from the beginning of the day and try to maintain the enthusiasm throughout. But it never seemed to work!

Then I realized I was someone who looked for the perfect moments! I would wait for the right/ideal time to start or do anything that I have listed. And would while away my time doing some reading or other work to wait for that time. Suppose by any chance I missed the moment of when I wanted to start/do a particular work, I would wait for the same time next day to accomplish it! As much as I tried to be perfect, it all seemed out of place.

Off late, I feel more relaxed. I dont feel the hurry or need to be perfect and right in everything. There is no conscious effort to make things happen. I feel more calm and clear. Though it is the same time that is available even now, I feel the time has expanded! Each moment is being more resourceful. Each moment is now consciously felt and spent!

The time has been the same, the resources have been the same, the tasks have been the same. Now I know, it is the mind that has changed. It is the mind that has got the shift. It is the reference that has changed from external to internal.

I haven seen it happen! When will you?




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