Who makes you more beautiful?

Someone very close told me this story:

Once upon a time, there was a man who sculpted a beautiful girl out of a rare stone. The sculpture was so beautiful that he fell in love with it. One day, a rich merchant, travelling by that way, saw the beautiful sculpture and felt something was missing. He covered the sculpture with the finest of silk that he had. He loved the way his cloth was brought to life by this sculpture, that he fell in love with the girl in stone too.

Then came a passer-by, who saw the sculpture and was struck by its beauty. He did not notice the sculptor and the merchant around as he was so enchanted. He draped the clothing in a way that the merchant could not even imagine. All that was now seen was not the richness of the finest silk, but the elegance of the sculpture. He then embellished the stone in a way that the sculptor himself could not have ever thought of. Every part of the beautiful sculpture was now more beautiful, reflecting what he was seeing the girl as.

While the three men sat beside the sculpture besotted in love, there came another wise man. He was enthralled by the beauty of the sculpture that he fell in love too and felt that the girl in stone needs to be brought to life for the beauty to be more meaningful. He touched the stone, and the girl came alive.

The men were mesmerized with the way she opened her eyes and looked at each one of them. They were so struck by love that they wanted to marry her.

The sculptor said – I made her. She is mine! 

The merchant said – I dressed her. She is mine!

The wise man said – I brought her to life. She is mine!

The passer-by said – I love her!

The girl saw all of this and was lost. She could see love all around her, and did not know what to do. How could she marry all of them? Each one of them was so important, and how could she choose? She went to a saint who lives nearby and narrated what had happened. All the men were standing there eager to know what the saint would say.

The saint heard the girl and closed his eyes with a smile. He then told the girl:

“Dear, I understand your situation. They are all very important to you. Here’s what I have to say, and you may find your answer.

The sculptor made you. He brought you into being. He is your father.

The merchant dressed you. He covered you and protected you. He is your brother. 

The wise man gave you life. He breathed this life into you. He is your God.

The passer-by beautified you. He did not give you anything, but enhanced everything that you had. He loves you.”

The eternal dichotomy

Body - Soul

The never-ending discussion of the body and soul!! The two have eternally been in a dichotomy, with each defining the other, but still not finding the perfect consensus! If the Soul needs the Body to exist in this world, why does the Body set so many limitations to itself? If the Body needs a Soul to be alive, why cant it drift all over as how the Soul would want to be – free spirited?? Can we recognize a Soul without a Body? Does a Body without a Soul even exist?

That is where the alignment seems to be the answer! The purpose of this life is to align the two – not with the supremacy of one over the other, but the actual essence of how the two are perfect partners to experience all the dimensions of this journey, called LIFE!

Was watching a video the other day, where Sadhguru rightly put it bang on! The Body belongs to the earth. It is where it has come from, and that is where it will finally go back to. Even during the journey, at any given instance, the Body wants to get back to its place – that is why one’s body always pulls one down – tiredness, laziness, rest – be it any, the Body just wants to lay down! Whereas, the Soul belongs to the eternal. It wants to move high up and merge with the unlimited.

Finding the balance between the two is what we are living through! Aligning them with each other is where we will find OURSELVES!


All through my life I saw ‘Teachers’ as a mandatory lot of boring people who taught in schools and colleges where one wouldn’t want to spend another day at that time. Though we reminisce the good old gone days of the student life now, I am sure we all just wanted to get out of that life then and step into this big world. As said, the grass has eternally been greener on the other side!

As a child, we are introduced only to the faculty of schools and colleges as teachers – as those from whom we are supposed to learn, those to whom we are supposed to show utmost respect, those who would rate our learning for whatever we are. Coming to think, I am just wondering if the word ‘TEACHER’ is actually understood in the true essence of it.

Isn’t there a ‘TEACHER’ in every person that we come across in life? Every single person, who is a channel through which we form our thoughts, opinions – in turn leaving an impact on our personalities is a ‘TRUE TEACHER’. Isn’t there a ‘TEACHER’ in our own self – the one who speaks from within? Isn’t there something that we learn from our Nature – the ‘TEACHER’ in all senses? The bird that sings in the spring, the river that flows surpassing every stone on the way, the abundance of the sky and the stars in darkness – everything and much more!

Every moment is a true learning phase – for the one who is open to learning. Every facet of life is a learning ground. Every aspect of the Universe is a medium of learning. Learning – is the actual purpose of our being!

Bow down to the ‘TEACHER’ – all those people, experiences, thoughts, world, Universe, Nature and most importantly, to the SOUL within yourself – for being open to learning is what is making the ‘TEACHER’ possible!

Can you expand time?

There used to be days when time passed by in a jiffy. I would be working non-stop and still  have pending tasks by the end of the day.  I have not been a person who is lazy in terms of work to have so much unfinished work for a day. All this, despite of using all the tricks – planners, alarms, reminders and even staying alert through out!

I used to be all charged up and excited from the beginning of the day and try to maintain the enthusiasm throughout. But it never seemed to work!

Then I realized I was someone who looked for the perfect moments! I would wait for the right/ideal time to start or do anything that I have listed. And would while away my time doing some reading or other work to wait for that time. Suppose by any chance I missed the moment of when I wanted to start/do a particular work, I would wait for the same time next day to accomplish it! As much as I tried to be perfect, it all seemed out of place.

Off late, I feel more relaxed. I dont feel the hurry or need to be perfect and right in everything. There is no conscious effort to make things happen. I feel more calm and clear. Though it is the same time that is available even now, I feel the time has expanded! Each moment is being more resourceful. Each moment is now consciously felt and spent!

The time has been the same, the resources have been the same, the tasks have been the same. Now I know, it is the mind that has changed. It is the mind that has got the shift. It is the reference that has changed from external to internal.

I haven seen it happen! When will you?




Can you teach life-skills?

Why should someone go through learning life-skills? You are at this understanding as a result of your experiences. How can you teach experience? Are you not spoiling it for them?

We all learn physics and chemistry from school. Are we literally building bridges and making potions? Are we making rockets?

Education is for awareness.

With life-skills, it is just the awareness that is being created. What one does at the moment, is again, a choice.

I might tell you that there would be a stone in the path, with  my experience, and you might be aware of the stone. If your path is of to trip over the stone and then know it, so will it be. But, if your path is blessed, you will be aware of the stone and pass by it.

Education gives awareness. Not experience. Experience gives wisdom. With this awareness, there is a chance for you to make your’s an experience filled with awareness.





How does the Universe communicate?

Have you ever wondered what it means when someone says they communicate with the universe?

Me: How do you know what I want to know or what I want to listen to, that you actually show me the way or give the answer?

Universe: It is not that you ask me consciously. When it is in your sub-conscious, it would reach me in  my sub-conscious / energy body and that is how you get your answers in your energy body, and you sense an answer!

Me: What is sub-conscious?

Universe: Sub-conscious is not something separate. It is just the inherent intelligence of your own mind.



The Moment

Offlate, I have been wondering what this astrology is all about! As much as I understand, I feel it is the truest and purest form of science – if universe is to be believed as an energy field. Ofcourse it depends on how and by who it is being interpreted.

Of most, I had been wondering how or why a person is born at a particular moment. If it was all by design, who is making it happen?

And it suddenly all made sense! The life, past karmas, path ahead, the time of birth – which again determines the life time ahead, are all connected!

Let me explain…

Even though water is heated up gradually, it is only at that ‘one moment’ that it turns into steam. Even while condensing, it is that ‘one moment’ that makes the difference. Each droplet goes through that ‘one moment’ of transformation for it to change states.

In the same way, it is only at that ‘one moment’, which is a result of a series of events – be it our past karmas, our purpose, intention, consciousness or the will, they all get materialized into a brand ‘new life’!

This ‘new life’ is already a result of a series of inter-connected paths, purpose, intention and will. It is only because of the past, that the life is being manifested. That itself paves a way for a particular time to be born, and hence, continues the journey ahead!

We are – what we think we are!

Nothing is absolute in this life or in this world. It is all just a constant flow of energy field.

Again – Life is our response to the stimulus from around.

Choose to respond. Not react!



Should we ‘Promise’?

‘Promise’ is nothing but a re-enforcement of a thought or a task that you want to do. It simply means that you now want to adapt a new variation in your being. The word could be used to signify commitment or even a fear to stick to something, that you might otherwise resist.

These things happen only because ‘Promise’ is not in our nature. If it was, and we were in sync with our desires or being, the flow will be natural. There is no need to use the word ‘Promise’ as a watchdog. Only when it becomes a watchdog, does one want to break it. And, when it is not in sync with your being, then the urge to break it or not comply to it will be strong.

Rather, use the word – “I choose to…”

This shows that you are aware of the situation and your consciousness. When you choose to do something out of your choice and do not label it as a compulsion, it will naturally flow into your being. There will not be any resistance to that flow. Even if there is, it is better to accept and be aware of that resistance. Only when we are aware of our blocks, we can overcome them.

So, let us ‘choose’ rather than ‘promise’!

Why do we come to live?

We are born, we live, we experience and then we die! It is said that we choose our lives and our purpose is to become one with the ‘universe’.

When we were already in the universe, and have to go back to the universe again, then why this cycle of birth, death, re-birth and death again?

The reality is – Life is the stimulus one soul needs to take to respond to, to raise to the next higher level. And the kind of response one chooses, will direct the next course of moving higher or not in the level of consciousness.

We choose and make our lives with our choices.

What is ‘Responsibility’?

Someone just shared with me that, he has never been ‘responsible’ and that ‘responsibility’ is something that he and his family don’t understand about. He has been living on his own for quite sometime and is driven by his quest to find himself. I was amazed at his clarity of awareness and acceptance. He feels, he is now ready to start having ‘responsibility’, but doesn’t know how to go about it!

My immediate answer was – “Find something to be responsible for!”

He responded by saying – “But, that is looking outwards for an answer! I want to look for it within.”

I simply said – “Yes. But, that external something is going to be your ‘stimulus’. You need to have something to stimulate your internal being to find an answer.”

We all need a stimulus to respond to. We all need something to react to. And, that is what life is all about! It is what you choose to respond/react to and how, is what makes your life!

Even ‘responsibility’, is nothing but your ‘ability’ to ‘respond’ in a way you choose to! 🙂