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“Success is not about outscoring others.

It is the satisfaction that you get within, having delivered your best!”

padmaja taj

Padmaja Penmetsa

Life Coach and Trainer

      Certified Master NLP Practitioner                       Certified NLP Coach                     Certified Mind Dynamics Coach

Certified Access Conscious Bars Practitioner        Certified Pearson Trainer                   Pranic Healing Practitioner

       M.A – Strategic HR (UK)                                                                                                                      MBA (HR)

Every person has all the potential that is needed to be successful and happy in life. It is just the awareness and strength to get to that potential is what makes a person shine. If you have the intention, it is all possible – This is what I believe in and work towards for.

Being a Life Coach, I work with people from different walks of life to let them discover their true potential and move towards what they want to be. It is an interesting journey to get on to, where the path seems full of challenges, but does come clear once you understand and accept who and what you are!

There are many different levels and different strategies that I work on, depending upon the client’s needs and perspectives. I work very closely with Children, Teens, Parents, Teachers and Corporate Professionals.

You can contact me at +91 99893 51188 or email me at padmaja@iedgeresources.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/padmaja.iedge 

You can also see more details of my programs and initiatives at my official website www.iedgeresources.com

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